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    Flag Football Returns to NYC

    WYAL is proud to return and play host to our Flag Football League. For Fall 2021, all games will be played at Sternberg Park in Williamsburg (see field locations tab for address and directions). There will be three divisions of play (1) ages 8-10 (2) ages 11-13 (3) ages 13-15. Registrations are now closed, we are sold out, but if you still have interest in joining this season or future seasons, contact us asap. Thanks to all participants and coaches.

    Registration Info and General Inquiries Contact Us

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    Phone: Mario 347-440-4238

    Williamsburg Youth Athletic League

    Williamsburg Youth Athletic League

    Mission Statement - Our baseball organization is geared towards inner city youth with a focus on diversity and inclusion.  Our goal is to bring competitive baseball, along with additional athletic activity opportunities throughout the year, to youth in the metro area at an affordable price.  The percentage of youth who participate in competitive baseball is significantly lower than the suburbs.  Sports in suburban areas have strong organized leagues and financial support.  Our mission is to offer the same opportunity for youth in the inner city to play competitive baseball amongst great players all over the country.  Our players often come from underprivileged households that sometimes cannot afford the expenses associated with quality travel baseball.  Sports have been proven to build social skills, keep youth away from drugs, violence, and other negative activities, increase concentration in school, and build confidence.  Clinical studies also show that sports have been proven to help youth establish lifelong, healthy, physical activity patterns.  Our organization aims to create a positive and inspirational environment for our players both on and off the field.  We strive to level the playing field and give New York City youth access to the same opportunities as other kids in the country at an affordable price.  To make our mission a reality, we will depend on corporate sponsorships, government funding, and grants to operate and provide inexpensive league membership to our teams.  Our goal is to never turn a player down due to financial or economic hardships.

    Support the league and its mission.

    Sponsorships available, contact us.

    2021 Spring League Winners


    Travel Baseball Programs - WYAL League Participants (sampling of teams only)

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    WYAL Return to Play Policy

    Review the zero tolerance procedures we have put in place to minimize COVID-19 exposure. The league will do everything in its control to keep everyone safe and healthy, but know that risk cannot be eliminated entirely. The full cooperation of league officials, participating travel programs, coaches, players, umpires, families and spectators in understanding, following and helping to implement our return to play procedures is the best way to make sure we can continue to play organized games for the foreseeable future and have continuous successful baseball seasons. Thank you for your help!

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